Thursday, July 2, 2009


In my public speaking class one summer, I was given the assignment to find a piece of artwork that we could relate to and write a speech about. I was searching through google images of pictures, and after about 10 pages of endless picture searches, I came across this picture and immediately had thoughts come to my mind about life. I hope you all can see what I see in this picture and relate it to your own life :)

As I look at this picture I see a moral that life has taught or will teach us. Trails, journeys, highlights, lowlights, a helping hand. This is what I see in this painting.

Your life is a trail; a journey. Your high may be graduating from college, winning the lottery, having a great day with your family, or your high maybe as simple as finding a dollar so you can eat for the day. Your lows maybe you got a bad grade on an exam, a family member died, or maybe your paying for what you’ve done in a jail cell. We each have our own highs and lows.

You may think you have an open possibility to the unknown and find yourself going around and around in circles. Find that something that helps you get through. Life’s highs and lows will feel like a maze of uncertainty, but you always have a hand there that’s shining bright like a predominately weaved marking within the mazes and trails of highlight or lowlight. The hand maybe your personal goals, a friend, a stranger you just met, your pet, your significant other, luck, God. It’s up to you to find your helping hand within your maze of life so you’ll have OPEN, WIDE, WHITE SPACE to create your own shape!

Don’t get caught up in the circles of highs and lows; find that open hand in your life! You’ll be guided.