Saturday, April 4, 2020

10 Beautiful Fashion & Beauty Tips


Remember, natural beauty is you at your rawest form when you’re around nobody and don’t care what people think is the most beautiful beauty and fashion. No clothing should hide the real, natural…. You. Choose clothing that expresses your authentic self to yourself & the world.


What colors are you drawn to and always love? Incorporate these into your fashion.


What clothing textures feel the best to you? Don’t always go for the things that catch your eye immediately, go for textures that make you feel happy and cozy. Give this a try… Sounds funny, but it really does help you in the long run. Go to a clothing store and simply use your sense of touch and feel not just your eyes to see what clothing textures you like best. When you find texture(s) you like, check the tag and see what kind(s) of fabric it is. Make a list of your favorites. Then, when you shop for clothing, you can refer back to your favorite list. When shopping though, always use your other senses besides your eyes. Use your sense of touch & feel too.


Less is more. This is what I’ve found to be true, but others can and may disagree. Just like when designing a room, choose a focus point for your fashion. Don’t make multiple focus points as this can become gaudy and you look like you overdid it. Wear more simple patterns and colors except for maybe your accessories for example…. let one or more of your accessories become your focus point in your look (or if not an accessory, choose your pants as your focus point and tame down the rest of your look to accentuate the pants).


Don’t forget that fashion isn’t everything… being healthy is beautiful. Work on your health. Eat well, drink plenty of water, get in enough exercise. Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel great and show the world your best self. This is beautiful.


Tame the facial hair! Make sure your eyebrows look great (both women AND MEN) & keep your facial hair kept up for whatever style you choose. (men & women). All the fashion sense in the world will not do you any good if all anyone stares at is your uni-brow! 🙂


Get plenty of sleep. Sleep does amazing things for our body and looks. It keeps you looking your healthiest and youngest. Sleep removes those dark circles under your eyes (well, sometimes!). It gives you energy and energy shows your best, most beautiful self to yourself and others.


Have some crazy pieces you love. Our emotions and states may be different each day. So, have clothing that you love even on your emotional days. I have punk days. I have girly days. I have sit in front of the couch in my comfy clothes days. It’s okay to have variety for those extra special days.


Don’t underestimate or write off thrift stores (or any used clothes) for your fashion needs. I’ve found TONS of designer clothes for under $5 sometimes. To find high-quality clothes at thrift-shops I’ve always found the following to be true: High-quality clothes will have a feel & look to them. So, reallyyyy get to understand tips # 2 & 3. Once you’re able to quickly notice the difference in clothing textures you can easily and quickly scan thrift-store racks for very high-quality clothing. Study your favorite clothes. Get to know them… how do they feel and how do they look compared to other clothes. You’ll then find thrift shopping to be a breeze and a huge cost-saver.


Pay attention to how your tastes are changing. Go through your closet & beauty regime every few months to ensure what you have still aligns with your most authentic self. Donate, give away, or sell what isn’t for you anymore or put them in a drawer hidden away for a while and see in a few months if you still don’t like them. Don’t keep everything for years, update your fashion to be real with who you are now.

Hope you enjoyed these 10 beautiful fashion & beauty tips!

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