Saturday, July 24, 2021

Health & Weight


My old body and weight are gone. I am now a new person who is grand as I am and in need of change. I need to lose more weight to be in the best health, prevent future disease, improve and eliminate my sleep apnea, and get my liver healthy by removing fatty liver cells. 

I am beautiful no matter what weight and body shape I am. 

I have to improve from where I am now due to future health concerns. I will further my health to live my best independent, happy, sick-free, & best feeling life until very old age. 

I must do the hard work now while it's easier as it will get harder to do so as I age. I am at my peak age to do the most good to prevent anything I can from intruding on my life in the future. 

Weight is not a judgment or something to feel bad about. It is an indicator I need to still do more work to be healthy long term. While I may be healthy now by common blood test measurements of health, the additional weight could lead to problems down the road. It is THIS reason I must take action NOW. It is not time to procrastinate and think I'll do it if a problem comes or in 10 or 20 years. NOW is the time as I am a younger age. Better to prevent now by becoming a healthy weight than to suffer once a disease may hit down the road. I must think LONG TERM. 

I am not only myself as I am now, but also what I do NOW is my future. I have much to look forward to and I must do my best to make my future be the best it can be. What I do is in my control, what happens is not. However, what I do NOW may prevent a negative outcome. 

My future is bright.